YourBlackfriend.com wants to encourage you to seek and embrace the things we have in common. It could be values, taste in music, travel preferences, spiritual leanings or any number of ways we might connect. Isn’t this the first step towards establishing a friendship? And it goes without saying that we won’t always agree. However, if we focus on the ways we’re alike – our differences don’t have to come between us. This is the way YourBlackfriend lives her life.
Some people think the book is divisive but I believe I did a public service by answering frequently asked questions. Although I didn’t anticipate the problems, I’m happy it has helped those earnestly seeking information and interaction. Much has changed since I wrote the book, however, it remains valuable to those who want to understand why/how SOME Black people think. The answers are short and do not elaborate my every thought. Just like you, I am multi-faceted and evolving. And while “race” helps to frame my worldview, it is not my primary focus. Through the blog you can experience YourBlackfriend in real time, just don’t expect me to address every perceived racial slight or victory. And of course you are welcome to submit your questions.
For those who don’t get the concept, please don’t waste your time name calling or writing unintelligible criticism. You calling me nigger, coon, jigaboo, Uncle Tom, racist, bigot, bitch, etc. means nothing to me. I understand that your taunts are motivated by frustration, anger and/or ignorance but know that your energy is better spent elsewhere. If you disagree with YourBlackfriend you’ll have to find a constructive way to communicate your displeasure. Even then I am open to communicating with you. However, if you are unable to coherently get your point across, I will not engage in nonsensical debate.
I sincerely hope you enjoy my book and posts. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas and sharing my upcoming projects.

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