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Love, Black People, Fried Chicken and Watermelon

So we all know Black people LOVE fried chicken and watermelon, right?

Do they, don’t they and if so, why?

Why Do Black People (Ep. 4 Are Blacks Racist?)

In an attempt to shift the conversation the question is: Can’t Black people be racist too? 

Why Do Black People? (Ep. 3 The Race Card)

Why are Black people so quick to cry racism — play the “race card”?

Why Do Black People? (Ep. 2 Racism)

Is everything attributable to racism? Another one of those “just get over it” type questions.

Why Do Black People? (Ep. 1: Slavery)

The number one FAQ is about slavery; its importance, lingering effects and why we can’t just get over it already.

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