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When, How, If YOU Should Use the “N-word”

The final and definitive answer to your question about using the n-word — and I don’t mean Nazi.

Obama Needs YOUR Help!!

If you know me then you know I don’t love President Obama; but that doesn’t mean I hate the man so let’s not make this an either/or proposition. Let’s just say I was never caught under the spell of his special-ness (or skin color). Be that as it may, I do NOT want to see him fail. 

Post-election, I admit to holding high hopes for Obama’s vision. I too was feeling audacious –could WE create some real change in our nation? After witnessing a masterful campaign and the display of an incredible ability to rally and inspire followers, I wanted to believe. And now, I’m just saddened by the lack of follow-through. But that’s where WE the people come in.

The follow-through I’m talking about should have naturally flowed from the fact that Obama is well -versed in community organizing. As it stands, Saul Alinsky would NOT be proud of the fact that Obama built a massive amount of momentum and simply let it dissipate. It’s almost like all of his brilliant outreach and consensus building was for naught. And I have a feeling Obama is sitting in the Oval Office wondering, where my people at? 

Well Obama, your people are waiting to be told what to do, seeking instruction or dare I say…leadership. And by the way, hearing you repeat, “no one said this was going to be easy” does not inspire confidence. It’s like Super Chicken used to say, “you knew the job was dangerous when you took it…” —right?  In politics, the ability to spread your message far and wide, over and above the opposition is critical. Look at Rush Limbaugh’s impact; accurate or not, squeaky wheel gets the grease. So where are all the Obamites to shout down the Dittoheads? I know, I know, it’s so undignified but let’s be real; appearance is everything and your boy is in desperate need of a rally. Just say the word Obama, and like they say in church, “make it plain”.

As reality sets in it’s likely that this deflation of spirit was inevitable; however that’s not a reason to give up hope. Obama is 100% correct in acknowledging that he CANNOT do it alone. And that’s an open invitation for WE the people to get involved. Of course he needs agreement in Congress but Obama was NEVER going to be able to make the kinds of changes he promised without the help of WE the people. It is OUR responsibility to light a fire under the collective ass(es) of our obstructionist Congress and/or be ready (organized) to give them the boot. They serve at OUR pleasure and clearly this fact is something we and they need to be reminded about. Ultimately, now is the time to ask what you can do for your country… and President Obama, it’s time to unveil your iron fist.

 Recommended reading: Unite and Conquer by Kyrsten Sinema 

Your Black friend and Obama

On the heels of Obama’s troop escalation, more and more, things seem much the same.  And although you would never know it through the MSM (mainstream media) there are a great number of disgruntled (former?) supporters, Black and non-Black. Depending on whom you ask, he’s either too focused on Black people or not nearly enough. But when it comes to striking the appropriate racial balance, the man never stood a chance. Good thing he wasn’t elected for that purpose.

Nevertheless, one year out, there’s an upside to Obama’s “poor performance”. Once again, there’s something those folks can agree on and rally around…their disappointment. Turns out he may not be the candidate he campaigned as and they voted for. Go figure…he’s a politician. But, if you voted for him (or not) and so far you’re not happy you have every right to give him a hard time. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. That’s what Democracy is supposed to be: government of the people, by the people, for the people. So get out there in your INTERRACIAL dissenting groups and let your unified voice be heard. Yes you can. Power to the people! 

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