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Ready for the Race War?

As the “story” of Trayvon Martin spreads, I doubt we can/will ever know the Truth. And who believes a solution will be found that will satisfy ALL interested parties? But that doesn’t stop people from reposting, re-tweeting and otherwise spreading information, whether it’s true or not.

I’m very concerned because it’s mostly NOT about keeping the story alive; and now, I keep seeing talk of an impending race war/race riots. Conditions are ripe: longstanding buried racial tension, economic frustration, rampant political partisanship and lack of civil discourse coupled with inflammatory reporting by the media. And don’t think it can’t happen because there are plenty of unstable people who would love nothing more than for the country to be (further) destabilized by interracial violence.

The main problem with this (besides the obvious) is just like a drive-by shooting, it’s rarely the fringe types who are affected when something happens. And what if you did get word of a race war, what would you do? Who could you trust? Where would you turn for day-to-day updates?  As my mother is fond of saying as a proof: “It was on the news AND the internet.” While the part about the news may have meant something many, many years ago; you also can’t totally rely on the Internet.  We never see the retractions, corrections or apologies for disseminating information that could easily have been fact checked – and the damage is done.

I’m reminded of the old War of the Worlds scenario where a panic was caused based on a radio drama–because the people were already living in a heightened state of anxiety. WE are there. And with technology the way it is, isn’t this so much more likely today?

I guess we’re just going to have to trust each other, in the inherent good in the majority of people and stop giving into the worst/basest instincts in each of us. If you agree, PLEASE spread THIS message and don’t be afraid to call out the crap when and where you see it – even/especially from a person that looks like YOU.

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