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BlackFriend(ly) Advice for Connecting with Others

Today you’ll learn the keys to getting along with Black people. Okay, actually ALL people.  

If you find that at some point in your life you have to interact with other human beings; this is for YOU.  If you know someone who struggles with connecting, networking, selling, dating or just being present; this is for THEM.

Be a friend and SHARE.


What a difference a day makes

Black Friday

…in this case not even a full day. Black Friday has some people camping out Thanksgiving Night. Your food is not even fully digested and your mind is on strategizing how to beat  (sometimes literally) others for the best deals. And I won’t even go into whether or not in the long run you’re actually getting a deal.

We as a nation have one (1) day dedicated to gratitude. Just yesterday it was all about volunteering; loving your brother and others. Everyone was soooo eager to say what they are thankful for (materially, physically and spiritually). How is it then that today and every day after Thanksgiving since the 1960s, people lose their minds and manners in a shopping frenzy? A mere 24-hours after the lovefest? Wow.

So now shopping is a competitive sport? The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It’s one of the features of the holiday season that we and for sure the media look forward to. You know the folks in the newsroom are rubbing their hands and chomping at the bit to report on Black Friday melees, trampling and arrests. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Well hopefully today you can get back to that attitude of gratitude…for more than the fact that you were top 10 in the long line or for whatever you were able to wrest from the hands of your fellow man. And by the way, do you really need all that Stuff?

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