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Love, Black People, Fried Chicken and Watermelon

So we all know Black people LOVE fried chicken and watermelon, right?

Do they, don’t they and if so, why?

BlackFriend(ly) Advice for Connecting with Others

Today you’ll learn the keys to getting along with Black people. Okay, actually ALL people.  

If you find that at some point in your life you have to interact with other human beings; this is for YOU.  If you know someone who struggles with connecting, networking, selling, dating or just being present; this is for THEM.

Be a friend and SHARE.


Why Do Black People (Ep. 4 Are Blacks Racist?)

In an attempt to shift the conversation the question is: Can’t Black people be racist too? 

Why Do Black People? (Ep. 1: Slavery)

The number one FAQ is about slavery; its importance, lingering effects and why we can’t just get over it already.

Why Do Black People Love Fried Chicken? (author reading)

This is your official invitation to join me on BlackfriendTV for the serialized reading of my book with commentary. You are free to pick and choose the questions of interest. Sharing is caring. Be sure to share with your friends and/or the people you want to save from asking these same questions. Learning is fundamental.

The Book