Nobody is Coming to Save Us (DIY)

There’s a meme floating around the internet that states:  Every 40 hours, a Black person is killed by the police.  I didn’t vet this report but it’s linked for your consideration. Now, whether we can actually know if the number is 100% accurate, it’s likely enough to have gotten everyone’s attention.  And when I consider those numbers along with Black on Black crime statistics, it’s enough to literally make me cry.

Like many of you I care but feel powerless to stop the ever increasing wave of senseless violence or have any impact on changing the reasons why it’s occurring. And before we consider solutions, we first have to accept the fact that it IS actually happening. Sparse reporting, overwhelm and a lack of concern has led many into denial and thinking the fish-in-a-barrel style taking of Black life is an overblown urban myth. It is not; it is real.

For those of us who see and care, I have a simplistic working theory and a partial solution. It sounds trite (and unoriginal) but if I had a fancy infographic, my theory it would read like this:


People don’t like Black people:  Police are people.  Black people are people:  Black people don’t like themselves.

Accordingly:  Hurting people that nobody likes (Black people) is okay (deserved).  And people that don’t like themselves hurt people (esp. those in close proximity) that look like them.

Black people and Black men in particular are in desperate need of a strong public relations campaign (damage control) and mass deprogramming sessions. 

I am in no way excusing Black people from the ways in which we contribute to the reasons why we’re (to put it mildly) “not liked” and flat out killing each other.  However, I am suggesting that these behaviors are in large part a vicious cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy, further promoted by the way we’re portrayed –and as a consequence, become how we view ourselves and others who look like us. [That was a mouthful]  Even the shining beacon that is President Obama in the Oval Office has not been enough to overcome massively deficient public and self-perception; especially when not even the President can escape blatant, race-based disrespect.

How can we convince damaged people that their lives are worthwhile and valuable when there are so many indications to the contrary? My ideas are not totally practical. I am frustrated and sad but I am not totally without hope. I am merely venting.

Did I need to say I wasn’t referring to ALL Black people? Does it matter? The overall perception does not change.  Please click the picture or this link and check out Brainwashed.


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