The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked

Q&A’s about Black people?:
I know how it is. When you consider or actually do ask a question, you feel put off by the barely veiled rolled eyes and heavy impatient sighs. Or maybe you have no one to ask so you stick with what you believe to be true. Well those days are over. I’m here to answer all the questions about Black people you either couldn’t or didn’t dare ask.
Who are you?:
Nashieqa Washington is the pen name I chose to reaffirm your natural instinct that with a name like Nashieqa, you know you’re dealing with a “real” Black woman. In this case, an intelligent, helpful (modest), non-partisan American Black woman. But I’m no saint, helping you helps me and other Black people. And while you could ask your questions of the next Black person you come across, odds are they won’t be as obliging as your new Blackfriend.
 What makes you the expert?:
As a post-segregation era Black woman, I am old enough to have a good grasp (and appreciation) of the struggles that preceded me and young enough to benefit from a post-segregated America without buying into the idea that we’ve fully overcome our past. And don’t think of me as an expert (that’s so formal) I’m simply YourBlackfriend.
Why are you doing this?:
So many people ask me questions that providing answers on the web felt like a natural progression. And just because you don’t know me personally, you shouldn’t be deprived of a non-judgmental source for answers. Besides, I’m selling a book here.
Doesn’t it bother you when people ask questions?:
No it doesn’t, at least they’re curious. What does bother me is being treated a certain way based on generalizations and the general climate of fear around speaking honestly. How are we ever supposed to “get over it” if people are too scared to talk. Admittedly, answering the same questions is tiresome but having a book and website solves that problem.
Do you speak for all Black people?:
No and I realize I’m playing into the erroneous notion that one Black person can or does speak for all Black people. However by acting as a sort of every Black person, I can set you on the right track. This is better than learning from a non-Black person or relying on the media for bad information. 
So ask a question already


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