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 Ever wonder:

  • Why Black people give their children those names
    (e.g. Nashieqa, Plaxico, etc.)?
  • Why Black women always have an attitude?
  • Why it’s okay for Black people to use the “N” word?
  •  Why Black people love fried chicken?
    Well this is your chance to get answers to those questions and more.  Free from annoyed looks and exasperated sighs – there is no such thing as a dumb question.  Most of your questions are likely answered in the book but if not, you can rely on YourBlackfriend as a resource for information, opinions and advice.
    Since YourBlackfriend is providing such a valuable service, consider buying direct instead of from an online vendor who receives a substantial chunk of YourBlackfriend’s creative sweat equity. Also available on Amazon Kindle and soon via YourBlackfriend’s download. Thank you.
These are the first 20 Questions but there’s so much more
  1. Is everything related to slavery?
  2. Is everything attributable to racism?
  3. Why are Blacks so quick to cry racism (play the race card)?
  4.  Can’t Black people be racist too?
  5. Aren’t Black people prejudiced too?
  6. Do Blacks deserve reparations?
  7. Why do Blacks try to act White?
  8. Why are Blacks always separating themselves?
  9. Why have Blacks failed when other minorities have prospered?
  10. Why are Blacks so paranoid?
  11. Why are Blacks so sneaky/lazy?
  12. How come Blacks come in so many colors?
  13. Why are there so many Black professional athletes?
  14. Isn’t it progress when we adopt Black ways?
  15. Do we need a full month dedicated to Black history?
  16. What makes a person Black?
  17. Why are Black people always claiming other people as Black?
  18. Why don’t Blacks just go back to Africa?
  19. Aren’t Blacks better off than if they were in Africa?
  20. Why do Black people love fried chicken and watermelon? 

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