White History, it’s All We Need

Just because Black History Month is over doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to continue learning.

The “Angry Black Woman” Syndrome

Why are Black women ALWAYS so angry? What exactly is their problem? 

When, How, If YOU Should Use the “N-word”

The final and definitive answer to your question about using the n-word — and I don’t mean Nazi.

Love, Black People, Fried Chicken and Watermelon

So we all know Black people LOVE fried chicken and watermelon, right?

Do they, don’t they and if so, why?

BlackFriend(ly) Advice for Connecting with Others

Today you’ll learn the keys to getting along with Black people. Okay, actually ALL people.  

If you find that at some point in your life you have to interact with other human beings; this is for YOU.  If you know someone who struggles with connecting, networking, selling, dating or just being present; this is for THEM.

Be a friend and SHARE.


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